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Morcomb Diesel & Electric, Thatcher Interstate Batteries Dealer

It's a fact; nothing can ruin a road trip like a dead battery. That's why it is so important to have your battery tested every six months or before you head out on the road for an extended time. And if it turns out that you do need a new battery, Morcomb Diesel & Electric can provide you with a new Interstate battery to get you on your way.

From Morcomb Diesel & Electric Services

"If the goal is to keep your diesel car in working condition, consistent maintenance is definitely needed. That's the one thing that the majority of the diesel owning population will tell you. If for some reason, you fail to keep up with this upkeep, you run the risk of disrepair. Although they are not too frequently damaged, they do require a certain level of consistent tuning and oil changes. A filter change is also something that may need implementation, requiring serious attention. Just a rule of thumb, please do not attempt to change the filter on your own; let a professional do the job right."

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