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Vans Tire Pros - Medina, Medina Interstate Batteries Dealer

Did you know that spring and fall are always the best times to test your auto battery? It's true, it's always best to get your battery tested by a trusted source, like Vans Tire Pros - Medina to ensure your battery is ready for the extreme weather ahead, and summer and winter can prove to be intense for a car battery.

From Van's Auto Service & Tire Pros Medina

"You depend on your car every day, and every day, your car depends on your tires to grip the road, absorb shock, maintain and change the direction of travel, and provide you with a smooth ride. Worn old tires are dangerous, jeopardizing your safety as well as that of your passengers. Ensure a safe journey every trip by coming to Van’s Auto Service & Tire Pros. We provide our customers with a host of tires designed to keep you safe while on the road. We are also a full service auto repair facility. We handle all maintenance requests, transmission and engine repairs, and everything in between, including brakes, alignments, and suspension repairs."

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