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Bells Service, Washington Court House Interstate Batteries Dealer

It's a fact; nothing can ruin a road trip like a dead battery. That's why it is so important to have your battery tested every six months or before you head out on the road for an extended time. And if it turns out that you do need a new battery, Bells Service can provide you with a new Interstate battery to get you on your way.

From Bell's Service Station

"We pride ourselves in the care that is provided to each and every one of our customers. In order for us to obtain the goals we have set for this business, we will happily go the extra mile to ensure that the customer can remain safe and satisfied. All at little inconvenience to them. Bell’s Service Station was previously known as Bell Shell, from 1960 to present Bell’s has been a deservingly respected part of the community. In December of 2008 Brandon Self bought the station from Kerry Bell, Mr. Bell spent the majority of his adult years ensuring that his business served the community with a big heart and a king hand. The staff here at Bell’s Service Station plan to keep the same."

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